The map below shows the future Free Zone Port at Gara’ad, Puntland to meet up with Galcaio on route to the City of Goldogob.  Goldogob is the Puntland international freight transfer point prior to traveling to the proposed free zone area at Werdẽr, Ethiopia or return to the Gara’ad proposed free zone port.



The City of Goldogob is a growing city of about 70,000 people. It lies right at the border between Somalia and Ethiopia, almost walking distance from Ethiopia.


Goldogob has running water provided by Galdogob Water System (GWS), which is installed in the entire city, and is available to all residents.  The city also has 24/7 electricity, which is provided by SOMTEL, as well as the most reliable telecommunications, from very cheap international rates to high speed internet cafe’s.


There are hotels, taxis, and shopping centers to cater to people’s needs.  The city is also home to one of the most successful Somali money transfer company called "TAWAKAL BANK"; Tawakal Bank’s headquarter is in Dubai city, it has agents almost in every continent, with the most agents in North America, Europe and Asia.


Galdogob International Airport is currently under construction, funded by the Diaspora of Goldogob in the western nations.


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